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La Verne - Specialized Real Estate Experts

About La Verne

With the rugged backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, the City of La Verne provides residents and visitors a glimpse of the past in the midst of contemporary living. La Verne was founded in 1887 by Los Angeles businessman Issac Lord as a railroad boom town to capture Midwesterners enticed by fierce competition between the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads. The grand 60 room Lordsburg hotel was built but never had a paying guest. When the boom busted in 1889, M. M. Eshelman, a member of the Brethren Church, was instrumental in bringing an influx of Brethren people to the area so their youth could attend college in the now transformed hotel. In 1891 Lordsburg College was established; today that institution is the well-respected University of La Verne, home to 6806 full time equivalent students as of 2006. La Verne is home to 19 parks, which provide a variety of recreation and leisure activity.

Why FP Homes

We are a one-of-a-kind Real Estate Boutique that provides experienced solutions to distressed and unique real estate transactions.  Our highly experienced team is built around a set of core values that differentiates us from 99% of Real Estate groups in Los Angeles.  We are results-driven, and everything that we do is guided by our vision to get maximum results from highly complicated Real Estate transactions.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the La Verne area, please contact us today!

5 Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews don't come easy.   They are accomplished with hard work, attention to detail, and an outstanding customer experience.  At FP Homes we take pride in our reviews and all the people we have helped in the process of obtaining them.   We'll put our track record up against anyone else in the industry and know we'll come out on top.     


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